Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Affordable Art Fair NYC 2015

Another fair I look forward to each year. This is what I considered to be "Best In Show" at this year's Affordable Art Fair NYC.

Craig Alan
"Down With the Red Queen"

Michele Mikesell
"Unfinished Love"

Michele Mikesell
"The Myth Maker"

Michele Mikesell
"Age Seven"

Michele Mikesell
"Age Seven" (perseption)

Esther Erlich
"The Ring"

Scott Dykem
"A Lemon Tree Geisha"

Juliane Hundertmark

Kathy Beynette

MoisĂ©s YagĂșes

Keith Haynes
sculpture of Blondie vinyl

Daniel Fiorda
"No More Dialects 2"

Ted Gall

Bob Clyatt
"Seated Man Head on Knee"

Rachel Goldsmith
"Crystals from MoMA"

"Sketching In Three Dimensions"

Gerdine Duijsens
"Always Waiting"

Gerdine Duijsens
"Botox Beauty"

Bernard Saint Maxeny

Jane Perkins
"Bored Cherub"

Andrew Myers
"Topographical Facial Series"

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